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Insert yourself into a full day of events at one of our Peacock Bass destinations

As light starts to break in the Amazon Rainforest, everything comes to life. Parrots and macaws start their daily routines and light up the sky with their distinct chirping sounds. Ah yes, it is morning again. Anglers awake from their night sleep and head for the main dining cabin for a cup of coffee or tea and breakfast that will help them kick start their action-packed day. Discussions of which rods to rig up and what flies to put on first are main conversation points.

The starting of outboard engines can be heard and the anglers pack their lunch and head back to their cabins for some last-minute prepping for another day on the water. Eager guides load the boats with gear as the anglers do their last-minute checks to make sure they have their sunblock and fly bags. The fishing boats get up to speed and anglers make preparations for the day’s fishing. As they clean their sunglasses, put on sunblock and tie on a fresh fly their guide is fine tuning the game plan in his head. The boat disappears off into the distance and the fishing day begins for two excited anglers and their trusted Fly-Fishing guide. They will spend the next 8-10 hours casting, chasing and catching one of the most energetic fish alive… The Peacock Bass.


Breakfast in the floating cabins
Fishing Skiffs on the beach

Back at the Camp

The camp staff is busy at work. Like a well oiled machine they start to dismantle the camp for a journey up the river to a new location. The move will take 6 hours to complete from start to finish and the staff wants to get an early start.

Many daily chores are being done. Laundry is collected from the fisherman’s cabins and clothes are washed and hung out to dry on a clothesline in the Amazon sun. The cabins themselves are swept and mopped clean. 

All the cabins are finally in place for the move. The tug boat is in place and the camp starts the 20 mile journey to a new beach. 

Fresh bread is being made by the Chef in the kitchen and meat and fish are being prepared for tonight’s dinner. This is all in a day’s work behind the scenes all while the anglers are out enjoying their day.

Back on the Water…

The anglers are having a really good morning catching lots of Peacock Bass. It has been a little cloudy and the top water action has been awesome.  It is nearing lunch time and the anglers are starting to feel hungry from the calories they have burned casting and catching fish all morning. A beach with some shade trees is picked out for a place for fishermen to have lunch. Two of the boats meet and Hammocks are spread out in trees for the anglers to relax in the shade while the guides prepare fresh fish and vegetables over an open fire on the beach. Small straight branches are cut and built into a grill top perfect for grilling today’s meal. A cerveza or two are opened and enjoyed by the relaxing anglers as the guides work hard to prepare and serve an outstanding feast.

Lunch is served while anglers tell stories of the morning’s events. Pictures are shared of some really nice fish and the sighting of a three-toed sloth in one of the lagoons. The pictures start to re-build excitement in the anglers and as lunch is finished, hammocks are emptied and everyone is now re-rigging their gear for the afternoon.

Amazon Three Toed Sloth

On the Water…

The Fly Fishing remains really good all afternoon. A huge rain shower moves through and cools everything off and the action gets even better. Three Peacocks over 15 pounds are caught on streamers during the rain storm. By now all the anglers have switched to shallow running streamers. They are fishing tight to structure where schools of Butterfly Peacocks are attacking flies as soon as they hit the water. Double hook-ups are common and the afternoon scene is unreal.

Back at the Camp…

The train of cabins have arrived at the new location and as quickly as they were disassembled, they are spread out and secured on a new white sand beach. Daily chores are being wrapped up. The clothes are dry and the smell of fresh bread is in the air. One of the staff members has been out catching Piranhas all day, they are now cleaned and being prepped in the kitchen for part of the evening’s meal. Piranha soup is one of the week’s top talked about dishes.

As the sound of motors start to become louder off in the distance, the camp and staff now set up in a new location rush to their stations much like a scene out of the classic T.V. show Fantasy Island. The anglers arrive back at camp ready to gear down after an action-packed day of fly fishing. As the guides unload the fishing boats, the anglers are greeted by their camp host with Caipirinha cocktails and appetizers.

Back at the Floating Cabins Bucket List Fly Fishing
Bucket List Fly Fishing Guide Labirinto Da Tartaruga

There is about an hour of daylight left and the guests take this opportunity to take a shower, swim in the river and toss a frisbee around the beach. There is talk of a soccer game with the guides after fishing tomorrow.

As nightfall sets, it is now time for dinner in the main dining Cabin. The anglers are now sitting around a large table sharing stories and telling lies about the day’s events. A bottle of red wine is passed around as the first course is served. The room starts to get quiet as the end of the feast is brought to the table. The meal is finished off with some ice cream and a little more wine. Now the camp host starts his evening presentation on the day’s events. Along with the obvious pictures of big fish, there are some shots of a huge anteater strolling along a river bank. Today two of the anglers saw a glimpse of a Jaguar and photos of some big tracks are displayed as well. 

It is a beautiful evening as the air temperatures start to cool into the 70’s. Anglers make their way to the white sand beach to break out a cigar and a glass of scotch. They will spend the next couple of hours relaxing and comparing stories from the day’s events. One of the anglers breaks out a guitar and the evening is in full swing. As it starts to get late, anglers one by one make their way back to their cabins to get some sleep.

As they lay in bed winding down from a long day, they start to realize that they get to do it all over again tomorrow!

Mata Mata Ant Eater
Evening on the Beach on the Xeruini River Preserve
Camp Drone Evening

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