Care&Share Amazon
Covid Mission
Relief, Education, Support

by Robert Anderson

This August we are finally getting another opportunity to have our Care&Share program put to work. This will be our best chance since the outbreak of COVID to have the opportunity to visit several indigenous villages in the heart of the Amazon Jungle.

Our mission, to not only bring valuable resources to the area but also to run a program to educate and train the local people, skills that will help them obtain jobs in the sport fishing and Eco-Tourism business, become more efficient farmers, cooks, and even learn a second language.

Our Journey will start in the port of Manaus and take us aboard our two-story houseboat loaded with supplies, English teachers, a top chef in the field of authentic cuisine, fishing guides and experts in farming and the travel business. The two-day journey will land us in one of the most remote parts of the Amazon Jungle near the confluence of the Rio Branco and Xeruini Rivers. We will spend 10 days living amongst the locals and offering a program that will hopefully help these people learn a new way to make money, grow healthy crops for food and medicine and replace common practices like commercial fishing, deforestation, and logging.

Turning this area into a huge jungle preserve has been one of the goals of our travel business since the beginning. With licenses and documents in place this is the next step in our rainforest expansion efforts.

The length and severity of the Covid situation in Brazil extends all the way to the reaches of the indigenous people in the Amazon Basin. Isolation, food costs, transportation, lack of medical attention have all wreaked havoc in this remote corner of the world. We plan on helping in the recovery on many levels but mainly to show the people a better way of life using the resources at their disposal without furthering long term damage to the eco system.

The Program will take place August 20-28. We will begin our journey from Manaus Brazil and take our team up the Rio Negro then turn upstream on the Rio Branco to the mouth of the Xeruini River and on to the area on the Xeruini where three small villages are located. It is here that we will totally immerse ourselves into the lives of the people and offer our support. As we deliver food, water, gas and diesel along with farming supplies our team will set up the most extensive training program the area has ever seen. We will spend the week offering English classes, fishing guide training, sustainable crop raising and even a course in healthy authentic cooking and cuisine.

We are asking for your help. This program is heavy in costs and time. It is an investment into the preservation of not only the Amazon Jungle but the people who can help protect it for years to come. The world is changing. Higher populations and a slew of other influences have changed everything. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect resources and change the way we think about planet earth. The Amazon Rainforest is in imminent danger. Any efforts to slow down its demise and help restore its purpose to the world will have lasting effects.

Please go to our GoFundMe page and contribute to our efforts or our Care&Share page on the website for specific items that will benefit the cause as well. Purchasing a simple T Shirt, Hat or even a soccer ball will send money towards changing the future. Any amount big or small will help. We thank you in advance for your consideration and we hope to see you on the water sometime soon.

Rob Anderson

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