Amazon River Cruises

Custom Built, intimate 6-8 guest trips allow us to offer a full immersion package into the culture of the indigenous people, the rainforest, wildlife and history of this unique part of the world. Add in cuisine by some of the best chefs in the Amazon and you have a true “Bucket List” Adventure.

Destination Jaguar

Our private South American Safari is the most exclusive operation on Brazilian Wetlands. A fast paced wildlife adventure of horseback riding, river rafting and traveling into remote areas in the heart of the Pantanal - a place hundreds of species of exotic birds and wild jungle animals, including amazing Jaguars call home.

The Rubber Path

A Turn of the Century Amazon River Cruise

Our 7 day liveaboard expedition starts in Santarem Brazil on the banks of the Amazon river and heads up the Tapajos, its 4th largest tributary. Follow the track of the rubber age in the Amazon, explore a part of the Amazon Jungle that remains untouched. Visit indegenous people, see the wildlife, enjoy its history and taste a modern day version of one of the richest cuisines in Brazil.


Macaws vS Brazil Nuts

A liveaboard cruise that highlights River travel and jungle life of indigenous people

Our journey begins in the capital city of the Amazon, Manaus Brazil. We travel on a liveaboard for a 7 day adventure to the center of the Amazon jungle. Along the way we will visit the meeting of the waters, a village built on floating tree trunks and continue up the Rio Negro past several riverine villages that heavily rely on the water travel to survive. We turn north up the Rio Branco and eventually to a small tributary called the Xeruini. It is here we will visit a few very remote villages and spend time immersed in everyday life. The journey continues to the headwaters of the river to a hidden paradise for wildlife where there are groves of Brazil Nut trees and where village farmers collect Nuts on a once a year journey. We will pass the “equator tree” and cross over from the southern to the northern hemisphere and end up in an area called Rio Novo and its water that can be considered the fountain of youth. 

Pantanal - Home of the Jaguar

Journey to the Brazilian Highlands and deep into Cowboy Country

A true Bucket List Destination for wildlife lovers and adventurers. It is the #1 place in the world to see wild Jaguars. The adventure is full of diversity. Rafting on a crystal clear river to a turn of the century ranch. Horseback riding with authentic Brazilian Gauchos, flying to our fishing lodge in the heart of the Pantanal for a journey into the wild aboard small boats to see the most amazing and abundant wildlife South America has to offer.


Bucket List Eco-Adventures was developed with the same principles as our World Renown Fishing Program. Exclusive destinations, built from scratch adventures and small group sizes.

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