Jurassic Lake

Estancia Laguna Verde

Patagonia, Argentina

About the Program

Strobel Lake is the world’s best Rainbow Trout fishery and Estancia laguna Verde is at the heart of it all. 20 pound plus trout devouring big dry flies, leaping 5 feet out of the water and screaming into your backing is why you have this trip on your “Bucket List”. 

The amazing landscape, people, cuisine and memories of a fishing trip like no other, is found at a place known as “Jurassic Lake”. The rumors you’ve heard about trout fishing at Jurassic Lake and Barrancoso River (Jurassic River) are true. 

Imagine wading knee deep in the crystal clear waters of a lake, staring into the small rolling waves coming in and casting to giant rainbow trout feeding on scuds and snails in the surf. Or standing on tufa rocks just above the water’s edge watching a large torpedo-like trout cruising just below the surface honing in on your large Chernobyl ant soaking only a few feet way. Picture coming tight on a fish so strong and powerful that in an instant your drag is singing and a monster Rainbow is projectile launching itself into your backing. See in your mind’s eye a rod bending to the limits as you slide a fish into a large rubber net and you and your guide yell with excitement as the culmination of a hard-fought fight with one of the strongest trout alive comes to an end. 

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Anglers from all over the globe visit here every season targeting wild drag smoking, monster rainbow trout. Anglers who visit Laguna Verde will also have an opportunity to fish the other waters including the famous Barrancoso river, Moro Creek and 12+ other lakes that all sit within the property boundaries of this massive 42,000-acre fishing ranch. 

Jurassic lake and Estancia Laguna Verde are located southern Argentina in the Patagonia region. Enjoy first-class lodging, 5-star cuisine and exclusive access to Strobel lake and the private fisheries within the boundaries of the ranch. 

Wildlife enthusiasts will have opportunities to see all kinds of birds, llamas, foxes, pumas and other animals local to the area. There are also petroglyph sites on the ranch that are over 5000 years old!


The fishing program at Estancia Laguna Verde is immense. Anglers will spend the week fishing numerous world class fisheries including Jurassic lake, the Barrancoso River Morro creek and several smaller lakes on the ranch loaded with several species of trout. 

Jurassic lake is the centerpiece of the program and guests will spend most of the week fishing here. Anglers will set out in the morning with their guides on a short trip in a 4-wheel drive SUV to the lake. Fishing conditions will determine locations and you will spend the morning fishing for giant Rainbow Trout. 

Lunch is always a treat and is enjoyed at lunch huts called Refugios which are scattered around the shoreline at several of the best fishing locations. The highly trained guides go to work preparing a top notch shore lunch starting with appetizers of cheeses and meats and moving on to dishes like freshly made Paella, all complimented by a glass of spectacular red wine. Anglers choose to relax for an hour or two during the lunch break or spend the time fishing nearby while lunch is being prepared. 

After lunch it is back to fishing. The afternoons are often the best times to fish as the water and air temperatures warm. Fish tend to feed aggressively around the shoreline in the afternoon that may be enhanced by the afternoon winds and the aquatic activity and the dry fly fishing can be outstanding. Anglers can fish into early evening as the daylight hours are long. The excitement of an amazing multi course dinner planned by the lodges master chef and a glass of Malbec or Cabernet finally sends the anglers heading back to the lodge.

The Barrancoso River, the one and only tributary of Jurassic Lake is a beautiful freestone river that runs for more than 6 miles through the Estancia. In the fall, which is spring in Argentina large Rainbow Trout migrate up the Barrancoso to spawn. This time of year, is also the run-off season and the flows are much higher. The fishing in the river this time of year is intense. The river is full of hard charging Rainbows and the higher flows makes fighting fish a real challenge and sometimes a track meet. In the summer and fall months in Patagonia the flows are much lower and the water in the river is gin clear. There are not as many fish in the river but the resident rainbows will eat all kinds of flies including big dries and streamers. 

Moro Creek, a spring creek that, basically, chains the 12 lakes inside the Estancia is amazing. This challenging creek flows mainly during Argentina’s spring and the early summer months, and it has become a favorite among early-season visitors. The sight fishing opportunities are endless on this smooth flowing stream.

12 trophy lakes chained by Moro creek, are also on the property of Estancia Laguna Verde.  The lodge is situated on Verde Lake and offers anglers an early morning or late evening place to walk to get in some extra fishing after the guides have taken off their waders. The lake is named for its green hue from the minerals in the water and is loaded with Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout and Brown Trout. The other lakes on the Estancia offer anglers some diversity and opportunity. Depending on the wind, which can blow pretty hard in Patagonia, these lakes give anglers a chance to find calmer conditions at times. The best part is the trout in these lakes are enormous and not very picky.

Traveling to Estancia Laguna Verde

Guests fly internationally to Buenos Aires Argentina and then fly to the small resort town of El Calafate. From there guests have about a 5 hour car ride. Once at the Lodge, after getting settled in and have had a bite to eat hopefully there is time for some afternoon fishing. 

The travel to Patagonia is extensive and we recommend taking your time and enjoying the sites along the way. Spending a day (or two) in El Calafate is an excellent idea. Perito Moreno glacier is less than 50 miles away and is one of the best tourist destinations in Patagonia. The town itself is filled with shops and some amazing restaurants line its streets. 

On the ride from El Calafate to the lodge enjoy stopping at Hotel la Leona. Inside visitors can enjoy regional artifacts from 1000’s of years ago. The history includes a story of a visit from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid using the area to hide out from the law. On a clear day Fitz Roy peak in the heart of the Andes mountains can be seen. There is also plenty of wildlife to be seen highlighted by the Guanaco or Argentinian llama and maybe even an Alpaca.

The Lodge

The Lodge main building is a typical “Estancia house” accommodating up to 10 anglers per week. The bedrooms each have 2 single beds and a full bathroom (Single room lodging or guiding can be provided for an additional cost). 

the spacious living room overlooking Laguna Verde is one of the favorite spots in the lodge. Anglers can sip on a cocktail while enjoying complete relaxation. There is a room with a fly-tying desk and a library to enjoy when not fishing.

There is also a changing room / drying facility located just by the entrance door of the lodge to use before and after fishing. This is the place anglers can leave all the fishing gear such as waders, wading boots, rods, reels, vests, etc. so it is ready and dry for the next day.

The Lodge also offers visitors Satellite and IP telephone, free unlimited wireless Internet access and access to the lodge’s computer. Laundry service is also provided twice a week.

The staff at the lodge offers friendly and professional attention to create a cozy and hassle-free atmosphere to guarantee guests have a truly unforgettable experience.

Estancia Laguna Verde also offers world class cuisine. Our Chef and Suos Chef are ambassadors of cultural diversity and local history delighting visitors with typical Argentinean and local delicacies.

Coffee, tea, fruit juices, dairy products, ham, eggs, freshly baked bread, patagonic marmalades, and cereals are available at the lodge for an excellent and energizing breakfast.

Served shoreside, lunch consists of grilled meat or trout with salads,  bread, cold cuts, cheese, fruits, and other tasty options.
Fly fishers can relax with a glass of wine on sun lounges distributed at the different fishing spots to rest their arms before facing demanding trout in the afternoon.

Once back at the lodge, and after a refreshing shower, a world class dinner is served.
Guests can try different types of local appetizers such as goat or sheep cheese, dried hams, dried pork sausages, among others. The main course features,  “asados” (barbecues), traditional Patagonic lamb and classic homemade pastas, just to name a few. Desserts are specially prepared and include, a variety of fresh fruits.

A wide range of beverages are available including wines such as traditional Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tanat and other white types, regional homebrewed beers, spirit drinks, whiskies, cognacs, and many alcohol-free beverages. These beverages are available daily at the bar in the living room.

Trip Description


  • Reception in El Calafate at your Hotel
  • Ground and air transfers to and from El Calafate to the Lodge
  • 7 nights’ Accommodations at Laguna Verde
  • All meals and beverages (including alcohol)
  • 6 to 6 ½ days guided fishing
  • Fishing license

Not Included

  • International and domestic Airfare
  • Any hotel stays before and after the fishing week
  • Meals in El Calafate and private city tours
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips and Gratuities to staff and guides
  • Anything not mentioned in inclusions
  • $5950 per person




Strobel Lake – AKA Jurassic Lake is the #1 stillwater Rainbow Trout fishery in the world. Our hosted weeks travel off the grid to the far corners of the lake and to rarely seen beaches. We team up with our partners there to provide a real Bucket List Experience.  

Barrancoso River

The River Fishing at Laguna Verde can be amazing. Spending time on the River and the Creeks means coming at the right time of year when the water is a little higher. October and November highlight the moving water season.

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Travel Information


The equipment you choose to take with you on any trip can change your experience. Having the right flies, fly lines and leaders can really make a difference. Rods and reels are also a key part of this trip. In some cases, you may already have many things that you need to take with you but in most cases, anglers will make some important decisions on new gear to add to their arsenal.

Due to the remoteness of the Lodge, it is important to make sure you have everything you need. There is nowhere to replace a broken fly rod or purchase an extra tube of sunscreen once you get there. Taking the time to make a list of the things you will need and planning for this trip in advance is very important, and can be a lot of fun, not only to catch plenty of fish but also to be comfortable and enjoy your time.

7-8 wt 9-9.5 ft rod for Strobel, Barancosso and smaller lakes

7 wt 11 ft switch rod for Strobel and windy conditions

Lightweight reel with good drag to handle large taper fly lines


The thing that makes fishing tougher here is the wind. Being able to cast to these giant fish on a really windy day can be the difference in a decent or a great day of fishing and maybe even catching a fish of a lifetime. Having fly rods of higher quality and more backbone should be a serious consideration here. 

These fish can take you into your backing in a flash. Then they can turn and run right at you at the same speed. A Larger Arbor Reel is a must for these speed merchants. A sound drag is also recommended. 

More info in our Pre-Trip Planner

Floating lines for all rods with distance casting in mind one or two intermediate lines for Strobel. Maybe a type III line as well. 

Floating lines are going to be the main line for this trip. Stripping Leeches and nymphs in shallow water and the surf and hanging nymphs and Balanced flies under an indicator are the two most effective ways to catch fish under the surface. On the surface big Trenobyl style ants are the way to go.  

An intermediate sink line or a type III sinking line is also a great line to have on this trip for fishing deeper spots in the same manner as above. 

More info in our Pre-Trip Planner

Wooly Buggers and leeches in sizes 4-8

Balanced leeches in sizes 6-10

Tungsten Bead Head Nymphs in size 6-10

Chernobyl Ants in size 2-6

9 ft Monofilament leaders in 2x – 4x

9 ft Fluorocarbon leaders in 0x – 3x

Fluorocarbon Tippet 0x – 4x

The most important thing about flies for this trip is that they are tied on a very strong hook. Some of the patterns you may use for trout in the United States will work here as well but most of our flies are tied on hooks that will bend out. we highly recommend you tie your own flies or have us tie them for you. We take a bunch of very common patterns like Maholo Nymphs and tie them on a more stout hook. The same goes for the balanced leeches and streamer patterns. Having 6-7 dozen flies for this trip is recommended. 

More info in our Pre-Trip Planner

Tapered leaders are a good idea to help roll out flies in windy conditions. Tying tippet on to the end to lengthen your leader may also be needed.

Layering is the key to being comfortable. The day can start off on the cool side and a Wind-proof hoodie may be necessary and then as the morning warms up shedding off a layer or two is a possibility and then you can have a fierce afternoon wind that sends you back into all your layers and a wind and waterproof jacket as well. Bring warm socks for under your waders. The water temperatures are usually in the high 40’s and low 50’s. 

Laundry service is offered also,  so you do not have to bring many clothes with you. There are a bunch of other accessories to consider wearing as well. A hat for sure. Buff to cover your face and sun gloves for your hands. We make packing a breeze in our Pre-Trip Planner.

Weight is not an issue on this trip. Your main pieces of luggage only need adhere to airline policies on weight and size. More importantly are the pieces you will carry with you daily while fishing. You do not have to wade deep here and a fanny pack is great for fishing gear. This coupled with a waterproof backpack is really all you need to keep a day’s worth of gear and clothes with you. Another thing is that you will usually not be too far from your car, so things can also be left there. A lot more information on this in our Pre-Trip Planner.



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