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Bucket List Fly Fishing provides you with ultimate adventures. The creation of this company and building the team has been an adventure itself.


Rob Anderson did not initially set out to save the Rainforest and help protect the planet from the effects of climate change, Rob started coming here to catch a lot of fish.

Always Be Casting

Catching fish ranks high at each one of our destinations. We will provide you with some of the best fishing on the planet.

“Don’t forget to look up”

For the Eco-tourist, you will also have the opportunity to explore nature and see amazing wildlife, learn about the environment, different cultures and best of all meet new people.

Stick to the best

Providing you with an adventure of a lifetime is as much about the people as it is the fishing or the location.

“They smiled all day long…and so did we”

Our family of staff members are at the top of their class in every way.  You are the highlight of their year. It is hard to go away from one of our trips without the feeling that you have made a new friend.

Go further

Our Exploratory trips cannot be bought in stores. The opportunity to do something different and to see something new is offered to our guests with a sense of adventure. 

“How did you find this place?”

We are constantly looking to see what is around the next bend. Venturing out of bounds in many cases to put anglers and fish together for the first time.


Bucket List Fly Fishing started off as a cool name for the idea of having a fly-fishing travel business. It wasn’t until that idea became a reality did the potential unveil itself.

We really did want to have an adventure fishing company that operated in Bucket List type destinations.

Today we strive for an Ideal that will draw no comparison 

Xeriuini River Clear Water


Our path to the future starts with our center piece program in the Amazon by continuing to provide support in conservation and humanity while offering the most ultra-exclusive fishing trips imaginable!

With the help of our partners we are also providing trip of a lifetime travel to many other amazing destinations. Our exploratory program will continue to provide “off the books” adventures for both fishing and Eco-tourism.

How accidents, adventures and misadventures built the fly fisherman that creates the craziest fishing trips in the world

Rob Anderson

He was born and raised in Virginia. He grew up in an environment of hunting and fishing from a very young age. In his early fly fishing years Rob spent time from the age of 9 chasing Bass and Bluegill in farm ponds throughout the Virginia countryside. When Rob got to highschool, Team Sports like golf, Basketball and Baseball became his passion. After college Rob started his career in the Golf business and his passion for fishing continued to take a back seat.

How do you take your fishing operation to the top? Turns out it is quite easy… You happen upon an amazing man on a sandbar in the middle of the jungle

Natan Guedes

In 2018 there was a chance meeting of two very important people in the future of the Amazon. Especially when you look at big words like conservation, deforestation, humanity, protection and sport fishing. The stories you hear about the Amazon forest are usually about cutting down forest and affecting the world’s climate. Although there is a lot of work to be done, the mindset has started to change in parts of the Amazon. The fishing and tourism world is seeing our new concept of a much smaller footprint and rejuvenation of the jungle, it’s people and the wildlife.

What is eco-tourism doing here? From Russian journalism to hosting fishing trips in the middle of nowhere - one book is not enough to tell the story 

Karim Abu Bakr

I came to the Amazon in 2010. What was supposed to be an adventure vacation trip to French Guiana ended up being a new life in Brazil. What was supposed to be a career in Russian journalism turned into everything else – from working at a fish market to hosting luxury river cruises. When people meet a 30-year-old from Moscow hosting fly fishing trips in the most remote areas of the Amazon, questions raise automatically. I usually say the story is way too long to be told in an evening or so, and, believe me, I’ve had to do it many times. So, here it goes – from learning Spanish to meeting Rob Anderson.


There is no other way to explain a group of people who love spending time together and love what they do. 

You see them only at work. Their stories offer a chance to show you the rest. 


Fishermen, adventurers and people we meet along the way are all a part of who we are. 

It’s worth checking out the profile of people that sign up or end up being part of our craziness. 


When you deal with remote operations and complex logistics, build an outstanding brand and not just a business, you can only rely on people that buy your ride

We’ve been way too lucky with that.

The Bucket List PEOPLE

Meet the people who help to form the experience you are eligible to receive


Neto Silva

Head Guide – Manager – Instructor


Luciano Alba

Partner - Owner


Barbara Robert

Eco Traveler – Friend



Amazon - Care&Share


Julianna Moreno

Signature Fly Tier - Brazil


Nadson Silva - Pelado

Camp Manager - Amazon Operations


Jim Shrock

Fisherman – Host – Friend


Ronaldo Vasconcelos

Guide – Amazon Operations


Nano Peralta

Signature Fly Tier - Argentina


Pedro Menezes

Guide – Amazon Operations


Sam Bishop

Fisherman – Traveler – Friend


Kevin Martin

Partner – Travel Coordinator


Saulo Jennings

Partner - Host


Kelven Lopes

Consultant – Advocate


Robson Brito

Partner - Owner


Allan Pereira

Signature Fly Tier – Brazil


Alfredo Bovio

Guide – Jurassic Lake


Mike Curtis

Guide – Pyramid Lake


Charlie Vasconcelos

Guide - Amazon Operations


Rosenir Anjos

Manager – Advocate


Chris Evison

Guide – Pyramid Lake



Neto Silva

Neto’s genealogical tree is pretty much like those strangler figs of the Amazon – roots are spread in all directions. His great-grandfather’s family came to the Amazon from Northeastern Brazil during the first wave of the Rubber Boom. Neto’s grandfather was born in 1922 somewhere on the banks of the Rio Negro. He arrived at the Xeruini in 1933, which back then was a paradise full of wildlife and “fruits” of the jungle…

Luciano Alba

The story of how Lucho and his father Roberto became a part of our journey is a great read but for Lucho’s story, we will just touch on the highlights. Rob met Roberto while giving a Pyramid presentation in 2015. Roberto was on a wine tasting journey masked by a fly fishing show. The two hit it off and Rob was invited to spend his 50th birthday at Laguna Verde. Here he met Lucho, got to fish their amazing lake and became a booking agent.

Barbara Robert

We were introduced to Barbara in January 2020. She was brought to us by Karim as a plan to take an Eco-Tourist with little or no fishing desire to our totally remote area on the Xeruini River Preserve to study, take pictures and evaluate the possibility of future Eco-Tour adventures to the area. When high water forced us to move our fishing operation to another exploratory area, we were blessed…

Felipe - Care and Share

Many people believe living in a village deep in the Amazon Jungle is easy – all you need is a hammock and a couple of trees and nature will take care of you. Trapping animals, fishing, collecting fruit, nuts, palm leaves – that’s easy, as long as you have a machete, you’re fine. Medical plants, natural repellents, camouflage from jaguars and other predators, the jungle will offer you everything. So, when we talk about little villages, like the ones where our fly fishing guides come from, there’s an impression it’s a paradise, and for most locals it is…

Julianna Moreno

“I had never embarked on any kind of boat, never spent any time on a river. Getting to work that season on the Xeruini was the most beautiful experience of my life, seeing a fantastic river, meeting amazing people – I will be always grateful for that.” It would sound like a cliché but our work sometimes gets to help change lives. You will come across stories of people that turned from loggers, turtle hunters…

Nadson Silva

Circa December 2002. Rob Anderson is on his first ever trip to the Amazon to catch a Peacock Bass on a fly rod. He and his fishing partner and co-worker Andy Burk were on their second day of fishing on the Cuuini River. The first day and a half of fishing was off the charts. The team had been fishing a wooded Lagoon. Rob and Andy were already worn out from the constant casting and catching. Rob took an opportunity to sit down, wipe the sweat off his brow and get some water.

Jim Shrock

We introduced Jim to our Peacock Bass program in January 2020. Little did we know how quickly he would fit in. From the time he stepped off the plane in Manaus we could tell Jim was one of us. We already have big plans for Jim to be a part of our future as a host and who knows what else. We hope you will enjoy the story of a man who grew up in America’s heartland in a blue-collar world and became an absolute fly-fishing nut…

Ronaldo Vasconcelos

Imagine a guy barely 5 feet tall, 110 pounds soaking wet, carrying a 120-pound sack of Brazil Nuts for an hour through the jungle to get them to a canoe, then paddle with 7 of these for another hour through the flooded forest to get to the main river and then travel with 50 sacks total for a day in a homemade village boat to get back to home. He gets there to take care of his son, Felipe who at the age of 11 can’t walk or speak, so he needs to be carried around…

Nano Peralta

When we think of a real fly fishing guide, We can think of a young man in his late 20’s to late 30’s, an outdoor type, in great shape with a scruff beard, driving some type of an old 4 wheel drive vehicle with flies plastered all over the inside roof of the cab. Living in a rented room, the back of his truck or a trailer by some famous stream with a fly tying area that looks like a bomb just went off and eyes that can spot a fish in 20 feet of white water and basically not a care in the world except fishing.

Pedro Menezes

Whenever we talk about the history of the Amazon it is always described according to economic cycles that shaped its towns, villages, societies and environments. It’s hard to find a place in the Brazilian Amazon where only natives live today. Endless resources of the river and the rainforest have always attracted people from Northeastern Brazil, for example, states of Ceará and Maranhão…

Sam Bishop

Rob met Sam for the first time in Pleasanton California in 2014 at the annual Fly Fishing Show. Sam had sat in on Rob’s presentation on Peacock Bass. Sam looked like the rest of the, getting old too fast, retired and living in California, looking for more information, fly fishing club member that Rob would run into at these kinds of events. What we were about to find out was Sam was more of…

Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin was born in 1961 and grew up in Massachusetts. Kevin and his brother Ray had many hobbies is young kids like tennis, swimming and of course fishing. From the age of 5, Kevin and Ray would go down to the bay and spend all day fishing around the docks for some of the small fish that lived there. As they grew older dock fishing became more sophisticated in the form of the families Boston Whaler where…

Saulo Jennings

The story of Saulo, his house and his restaurant is an Amazonian equivalent of the American Dream. Having spent most of his youth working in human resources, management and sales, Saulo could never forget his main inspiration in life, his father. A hard working electrician that used to come home after work and still be in charge of making dinner

Kelven Lopes

Kelvin was born in 1978 in Curitiba, the Capital of the state of Parana. He started fishing at a very young age and was state champion several times in sport fishing challenges, the first time at age 11. He improved his knowledge studying about fish all through school and eventually got a masters degree in zootechnics. He fell in love with the Amazon while studying reproductive biology of Arapaima and excelled in the field of managed fishing…

Robson Brito

Born in 1979 in a little town of Alto Garças in the state of Mato Grosso. Robson learned to fish with his father on Rio das Garças as a kid. He’d enjoy time on the water with his dad as much as the fishing itself. In 1995 Robson moved to the capital of the State, Cuiaba, where he studied business management, Soon after he landed a job with John Deere, which allowed him to buy a piece of land on the Cuiaba…

Allan Pereira

My name is Allan, I was born and raised in a small town in the suburbs of São Paulo called Lençóis Paulista. I spent my whole childhood living on a farm. I’ve learned to have more contact with nature than anywhere else. The school I studied was a little far from home and it was one of the few moments I went to the city. I spent most of my time playing and doing my activities alone…

Alfredo Bovio

Alfredo Bovio is a favorite at Estancia Laguna Verde.  His passion for life carries over into his enthusiasm as a fishing guide. He picked up his first fly rod at the age of 11 and has been traveling and fishing in Patagonia ever since. In 2009 after Alfredo was certified, he took his first job as a fly-fishing guide at the age of 20 and in 2012 he took a job at Estancia Laguna Verde…

Mike Curtis

Mike is one of the rising stars on our team and is currently one of our top guides at Pyramid Lake and all the surrounding streams and rivers. Mike was ready to join us on our exploratory trip to the Pantanal in 2020 to help teach a couple of our Amazon guides how to row a raft on tight moving water like Mikes home water, the Truckee River. Although our new trip was put on hold…

Charlie Vasconcelos

The region of South America called the Amazon is huge. It is roughly 2/3 the size of the entire United States. So when you look closely at the small remote villages that are scattered around it, you can see the remoteness and just how isolated a small village of 30 families on a tiny tributary really is. Imaging growing up in this area and spending 99% of your life only seeing your family and your friends living around you.

Rosenir Anjos

Rosenir has a story of self perseverance  we’d like to see more while travelling to remote corners of the Amazon. The urbanization of Northern Brazil has been forcing many people out of villages into town for better access to education, healthcare and supplies. That doesn’t necessarily mean getting a better life. Meanwhile many villages become smaller and smaller with all the economically active people moving into town…

Chris Evison

Chris Evison has been a guide at Pyramid Lake for over 15 years. Chris has really helped develop our program there and is a customer favorite. His story starts as a kid, born in Missouri but raised all over the country. His dad spent most of Chris’s childhood, working for the National Park service and was on the move constantly. At the age of 11 Chris found himself in a small community named Moose Wyoming while dad was working in Grand Teton National Park. This is where Chris learned the sport of fly fishing…

Bucket List Fly Fishing

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