Fishing with Jaguars

About Pantanal

Rapids, waterfalls, floodplains and wetlands. river rafting, horseback riding, road trips and plane rides. 5 star lodges and rustic cabins. Blue Macaws, river otters, Tapirs and Capybaras. Golden Dorado, Pirapitanga, Surubim and Peacock Bass. We pack all of this into a week of some amazing adventure and we have not even mentioned the Jaguars.

In the center of Brazil there is a region named “The Pantanal”. This area is the most famous area in South America for Eco-Tourism. Even more than the Amazon itself. The area is made up of huge ranches, wetlands and multiple river systems. Cattle farming is the main income of the region and over 90% of the beef market in Brazil comes from here. The best grazing land in Brazil comes with its challenges however. The unlimited vegetation is great for not only the cows but also most of the wild animals as well. This place is a meat market for predators like alligators, cougars and most of all the Jaguars. 

Built from scratch by Bucket List Fly Fishing, this trip is a combination of fishing and, or Eco-Adventure. We will explore the fast moving waters of the Cuiabazinho river in a river raft searching for birds and monkeys while chasing Golden Dorado and then fly to a grass landing strip to our lodge in the middle of the Pantanal hours upstream from any fisherman or picture takers. You will get a chance to ride horses with Brazilian Gauchos, explore the “off the beaten path” of the Pantanal wetlands from a bass boat and fish for many species of game fish including both Peacock Bass and Golden Dorado. Our lodge is on the banks of one of the only rivers in the world to have both species. There will be plenty of spectators on our adventure in the trees, along the sandy shores and swimming in the rivers while we are there. 

Our traveling chef will take care of the amazing cuizine on the trip and we will totally immerse ourselves into the most densely populated area in South America for exotic species of wild animals and birds. A trip you are not likely to forget and may have to stay on your Bucket List for years to come.

Our crew

Rob Anderson – Bucket List Fly Fishing Founder and International Host

Robson Brito – Partner, local host, Owner Itaicy Fly Lodge, 

Karim Abu Bakr – Host, Eco-Tour Guide, Translator and Media Coordinator

Ricardo Osmar – Ultimate Brazilian Chef

This trip is going to be the first part of August 2021. Week one we are taking 4 of our friends and week two 6. This is a re-scheduled trip due to the 2020 Covid situation. Half of our available spaces are already filled from the re-schedule. This Exploratory Series Trip is ultra Exclusive and designed for us to go fishing, take photos and video and to help include this amazing trip as one of our fishing and Eco-Tour packages for the future. All the logistics are in place and the two rivers we will be fishing are virtually untouched. The wildlife sightings will be incredible. 

We are looking for a very small group of people to join us on this adventure. If you have any questions or want to join us please call or email Rob Anderson. (Info in the contact section)

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