Andino Deceiver - Sabalo


Size: 3/0

Fish Species: Golden Dorado, Peacock Bass

Fishing Destinations: Labirinto, Rio Novo, Parana, Amazon

This color pattern imitates the Sardines and Sábalos very well, being fish that are always in large schools and become an easy target of the Dorado when they are hunting!



One of the most famous and Bad Ass flies for Golden Dorado! It was developed by Argentine Carlos Ingrassia. Our version of this fly combines bucktail, peacock hurl and beautiful saddle hackles.  The most important detail in this bait is the shape of the head, causing a large displacement of water that in turn generates turbulence to help the fly come alive. All this vibration inside the water can be felt in the lateral lines of the Dorado or any other predatory fish! Bead Chain eyes are added for balance and helps the fly to sink. The most important fly for your Golden Dorado adventure. 



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