Arapaima Magnet - Fire Tiger


Size: 6/0

Fish Species: Arapaima, Peacock Bass

Fishing Destination: Labirinto da Tartaruga, Rio Novo, Amazon

Perhaps this color combination is the most famous among fishermen! In the jungle this fly will imitate small Peacock Bass, which have become easy prey of the Pirarucus when they decide to get closer to the shore.



When Allan created this pattern, he had to consider the unique behavior of this fish. A species that inhabits the bottom of lakes and lagoons for most of their lives. They also have peculiar feeding habits, being sort of lazy yet opportunistic and attacking their prey at the right time. In order to attract a fish like this, we had to be creative and design a fly that first had a bulky body and a long tail to create the maximum vibration in the water. Some added weight gets the fly to the desired depth quickly and the pulsating effect allows it to move well even with very slow retrieves. This is a game of patience and the need to keep the fly in the water is crucial.



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