Double Barrel Popper - Peacock

Size: 2/0 and 4/0

Fish Species: Golden Dorado, Peacock Bass, Payara, Traira, Striped Bass, Bass

Fishing Destinations: Amazon, Rio Novo, Labirinto, Parana

Don’t let the name Peacock fool you. Although the Orange and Yellow color combination was meant to imitate a wounded Peacock Bass on the surface, the colors stand out and attract a lot of attention for all species.



This fly was added to our collection soon after the foam bodies were created by one of our sponsors, Flymen Fishing. Top water fishing for Peacock Bass and Golden Dorado provides some unreal blowups and some amazing grabs. The key to both fish is the ability for a surface fly to create a lot of noise and disruption. The Double Barrel Popper is the best fly we have found for this purpose. There are other great popper patterns out there and we have tried most of them but if you are like us you will keep coming back to this one. The big concave face pushes a ton of water and the fly casts as easy as any big popper. We have added a little smaller size as a second option for those who may not cast so well. We recommend having both sizes in your fly bucket.




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