GT Midge - Brown and Gold

Size: 10

Fish Species: Trout, Bass

Fishing Destination: Pyramid Lake

No holographic tinsel and no band on this fly. #1 for simplicity but that also helps us to tie this fly very thin which can make a huge difference on some days. Lahontan Cutthroat Trout are very fond of this fly at Pyramid Lake and it is one of our Go to or G.T. midges every year.



The term “Banded”, coined by Rob Anderson, came from the name of a tag used to mark waterfowl for research. The product is basically a ½ bead used together with a tungsten or brass bead to create contrast in nymphs and midges. Soon after the product became available to us, we were putting it on all kinds of flies. It is an important part of many of our Pyramid nymphs, midges and balanced flies.



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