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Loco Tadpole - Chartreuse

Size: 6

Fish Specie: Trout, Bass

Fishing Destination: Pyramid Lake

The all Chartreuse model was added to the collection to really stand out in murky type water. This fly works great when visibility is low either due to algae blooms, spring run off or days when the waves create a big mudline.



The origin of this fly (Pyramid Lake Beetle) in association with Pyramid Lake is very clear. It was designed by Ike Berry of Reno to at first imitate the small water beetles in Pyramid Lake. As time moved on, it became apparent this little fly could be tied on a bigger hook and in a variety of colors. The first patterns were on a size 10-12 hook and green or brown in color. The modern-day patterns are tied on size 2-6 hooks and imitate a variety of food choices for the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. Beetles, dragon fly nymphs, Tui Chub minnows and Perch Fry just to name the obvious. As a lot of Pyramid patterns, the reaction bite feature is key. The foam bodies allow this fly to move differently than any other Pyramid pattern. The up and down motion can be the difference and the foam also allow the flies to ride off the bottom a bit to keep them out of any drifting plant life on the bottom. All our patterns are tied with “Loco Foam” which really makes this fly stand out in the water. The sheen on the outside of the foam gives this fly an incredible shine. The addition of the tail, turning this fly into what is now called the Pyramid Lake Tadpole has once again changed this fly for the better. The Tadpole tail, stuck on for the first time by Andy Burk is the preferred modern-day version of this fly and gives it so much more life in the water yet still imitating everything the former version did. If you are fishing Pyramid Lake with a sinking line this series of flies is the #1 most important fly in your box.