Pyramid Lake Balanced Leech - Root Beer Float

Size: 8

Fish Specie: Trout, Bass

Fishing Destinations: Pyramid Lake, Jurassic Lake

The Root beer color is also tied with a shorter chenille. The color is very versatile and can imitate lots of types of food for fish. Leeches, dragon flies, small minnows and best of all, clumps of scuds and shrimp. There are days when fish seem to really key in on the color of this fly.



An idea by legendary fly tier Phil Rowley has been an important part of our Pyramid lake boxes for years. The leeches (size 8-10) are the standard sizes for fishing under an indicator at Pyramid and just about any Stillwater on the planet. The Minnows (Size 4-6) are really versatile and can be fished under a large indicator, jigged vertically or stripped as well. The incorporation of a Bug Band ads tons of contrast and added balance to the flies. The Balanced flies are being used all over to catch Bass, Panfish, Trout and many other species of fish.



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