Space Invader - Butterfly

Size: 2/0

Fish Species: Peacock Bass, Bass, Striped Bass, Payara, Traira, Arowana, Piranha

Fishing Destinations: Rio Novo, Labirinto, Amazon, Parana River

Formally know as the Wright’s special named for one of our long-time clients who after a day of fishing and catching 4 fish over 10 pounds, came back to camp and deemed this his favorite fly of all time. Tied with Olive, Yellow and Peach Bucktail to imitate a small Peacock Bass or other Amazonian Baitfish. This fly is also great as a Perch or Bluegill Imitation for Bass and Striped Bass and numerous other game fish.



The design behind the Space Invader is amazing. When fishing for Peacock Bass it is important to have a fly that is easy to cast due to the number of casts an angler can make in a day. It is also important to have a fly that sinks at the same rate or slower than the fly line you are using. Most of the time anglers cast into some type of heavy cover or shallow water near the bank. If the fly sinks too fast anglers will get hung up in structure way too often. The Space Invader will hover or sink slowly over the top of downed trees and sticks in the water. It is the most important fly in your fly box for Peacock Bass. The durability of the fly is awesome due to the epoxy head and because of the ease of cast, the fly is great for a variety of species of fish in both fresh and saltwater.



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