The Pelado Fly - Arari


Size: 3/0

Fish Species: Peacock Bass, Payara, Traira, Arawana

Fishing Destinations: Labirinto, Rio Novo, Amazon

The Arari Minnow has its color closest to the real Arari, with lighter colors and a good amount of sparkles to resemble the silver scales that this fish has.



Over 20 years ago when our Amazon program manager Nadson Silva (Pelado) was still a guide he created a fly that remains a very important pattern and copied by many. A small baitfish of the Amazon called the Arari is at the top of the menu for the Peacock Bass. This small fish is mostly silver with some Yellow highlights and has a striking feature, its red tail. This Streamer pattern is a perfect match. A red, elongated tail moves beyond the materials of the bait itself tied on a piece of monofilament. The amount of material is well balanced so that this Streamer sinks easily and moves more naturally! 



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