Rob's Reducer - Shad

Size: 1/0

Fish Species: Peacock Bass, Striped Bass, Bass, Traira, Payara and Piranha

Fishing Destinations: Amazon, Rio Novo, Labirinto

The Shad version of this fly was originally tied to imitate a baitfish called a shad that is a major part of the diet of Striped Bass and Largemouth Bass. It evolved into much more and is a much-needed addition for anglers heading to the Amazon. It is a great fly for many of the secondary species like Oscar, Jacunda and Piranha.



The Reducer was one of Rob Anderson’s first commercial fly creations. The fly has been tied commercially by Umpqua Feather Merchants for over 15 years. On Rob’s first trip to the Amazon Rob found out quickly what was needed in a fly for down there. Unweighted to hover near the surface, push some water to create vibrations and be easy to cast for lengthy days on the water. The front of the fly was an inspiration from the Hollow fly invented by famous fly tier, Bob Popovic. The last layer of Bucktail is tied in backwards and folded over to create a large profile. This fly has stood the test of time and is one of the best-selling Peacock Flies on the market.



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