Wooly Worm - Rootbeer

Size: 4

Fish Specie: Trout

Fishing Destination: Pyramid Lake

This fly is awesome. It is a great color to imitate minnows and dragon fly nymphs that live in lakes. Tied exactly like the Martini Olive only with brown and root beer colors.



These are really simple patterns but are tied with a purpose. Most of our Wooly’s date back to the good ole days of the original Reno Fly Shop when Terry Barron tied all the Pyramid shop flies along with Andy Burk and the rest of the gang. These flies have not needed to change. There are some simple specifics. They are tied unweighted because the fast sinking shooting heads we use are enough to keep the flies on or near the bottom. They are also tied with multiple hackles to give body to the fly and also because the Lahontan Cutthroat has sharp teeth and, in this case, you can lose a hackle and keep fishing. They are also tied with a short tail if any at all to try to avoid the common short strikes from the fish.



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