Our flies are designed and tied by our staff and partners. Great fly tiers with extensive knowledge of their fisheries. The best flies for one-of-a-kind fishing adventures.

The fishing gear section is a work in progress. We have leaders and indicators for most of our fishing locations. Look for this section to grow fast now that our website is live.

Designing the Bucket List Fly Fishing logo was a labor of love and we are proud to offer it on some great merchandise for you to enjoy.

Carefully selected gifts and supplies for indigenous villages of the Amazon. The best way to support the environmental and Humanitarian programs of the BLFF team.



Our fly tyers and designers are an amazing group of people, all of whom have their own stories. Our flies are much the same. Uniquely designed to target specific species of fish and tied with precision and durability.

Rob Anderson

Rob began tying flies for the original Reno Fly Shop in 2002. Now a commercial fly designer for Umpqua feather merchants, Rob has come up with probably the best Peacock Bass pattern of all time, the Space Invader. Rob continues to spend a lot of time on the vise when he is not hosting trips or dreaming up the next Bucket List Fly Fishing Adventure.

Julianna Moreno

Julianna’s first encounter with a fishing fly was in 2018 on the Xeriuini River. Julianna, a native of Venezuela now resides in a small town in Brazil on the Branco River. Her intuitive passion for making flies has her now tying over 5,000 flies a year for our Pyramid Lake program. Her tying skills are already 2nd to none and her ability to tie commercially is a huge asset to our tying team.

Pelado Silva

Pelado has been guiding and managing fishing operations in the Amazon for 25 years. His knowledge of the waters and the fish that live there are unparalleled. Pelados fly designs are highlighted by one of the very first great Peacock Bass flies simply known as the “Pelado Fly”.  Pelado, now our camp manager at our Rio Novo operation, continues to come up with brilliant patterns and color combinations.

Nano Peralta

Nano started tying flies in 1999 not long after he started to fly fish in the mountains of Argentina as a teenager. His attention to detail on smaller flies is amazing and he can take a generic trout nymph and make it come alive. His flies are well known around the Argentina trout waters. His expertise on the waters of Strobel lake have made Nano the perfect fit for our signature tier program.

Allan Pereira

heads up our South America fly program. His experience as a fly-fishing guide has put him Infront of lots of fish. His passion for fly fishing and tying has helped to put Allan on the scene in South America, doing TV shows and seminars. Allan’s expertise in the habits of game fish in the waters there has helped him to design many “go to” patterns.


Investing in the future of the Amazon

When people discuss saving the Amazon Rainforest, the conversation is about the trees and animals. We sometimes forget about people that live there. The population of the Amazon Basin in Brazil is over 18 million people. Many of them live in big cities like Manaus, the capitol of the state of Amazonas. A tiny part are isolated indigenous tribes and a big portion, but often the most ignored are semi-isolated villages like the ones on the Xeruini River Preserve. Those villages are remote and are provided very little support by state authorities, relying in many ways on people like us for a better way of life. On the other hand, the success of our fishing and eco-adventure operations depends greatly on the commitment of these villages to us and our vision: avoid commercial fishing, monitor the rivers, prevent illegal logging, hunting and so many other destructive activities that could easily solve these people’s problems in the short term but leave them living in a wasteland. That’s why we celebrate every time a turtle hunter turns into a fishing guide or a logger into a camp manager. Rob Anderson and his friends, anglers and supporters have been giving very special attention to a number of villages like that. The success of these actions can be witnessed in our brand-new operation – “Labirinto da Tartaruga”. 

Many of our guests bring beautiful gifts to village kids, fishing guides and camp staff and very often they ask us what we should bring. As we’re in touch with the villages all the time. We know what they need most of all and what they might not have access to even if they go to a big city like Manaus. That is why, we launched a line of products for sports, education and personal use, with a hope to help raising a new, well-educated and healthy generation that will know what is best for the unique place they call home. Not only the gifts you buy go to the villages but also the profits are invested in the preservation of the Amazonian rainforest, rivers and its people.



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