The Blanket Program

Our blanket program focuses on an often-overlooked personal item for those living in a jungle

Our blanket program focuses on an often-overlooked personal item for those living in a jungle. Although very hot and humid year-round, the need for something to cover up becomes very important. Over 80% of the people in indigenous villages in the Amazon sleep in hammocks or “Redes”. They can be much cooler to sleep in than a traditional mattress, especially during the rainy season. Most of the houses there are more like sheds and do not have proper windows or doors. These people spend a lot of time traveling by water to neighboring villages or to larger, far away villages for supplies and medical necessities. Most living there are un-equipped with rain jackets or hardly any type of warmer clothing. Blankets can come in handy in many ways. A lot of the work that these people do require water travel and even sleeping in the jungle from time to time. Harvesting Brazil Nuts or fruit and berries can require days of traveling away from home. 

Our blanket program consists of a warm synthetic fleece blanket that folds up into its own carry case. It can be used in many ways and even as a pillow. Its dimensions are 5ft by 3ft which is a nice sized blanket for most. Much like the Soccer Ball program, you can purchase as many blankets you want on our website for $20 ea. And we will take them to the areas in need and personally distribute them. If you are joining us on one of our trips, you can deliver the blanket yourself. The Blanket goes to some family in need and the money made from the sale is used to help river communities in the Amazon.

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