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By Robert Anderson

Zoom Meeting July 7th 2022 7:00pm PST


Join us for an exciting free get-together on zoom. We are going to discuss our upcoming seasons and events and recap some events and outings we have just finished. The highlight of the night will be our January 2023 season at our centerpiece fishing location in the Amazon jungle. Learn how we obtained the most exclusive fishing destination in the world, how we protect it, how we are able to use it to give back to local communities and what a weeklong fishing trip looks like for 50 lucky angers each season.

Call or email to sign up for Zoom meeting and get link to Join.  775.742.1754  or rob@bucketlistflyfishing.com

 New YouTube Video Trailer

Our newest video trailer recapping our January 2022 season is live!. Enjoy our latest masterpiece of non stop action in the Amazon Jungle. We also recap our last few seasons in regards to Covid and giving a fresh start to local villages and a week long training and support mission in August 2021.

Now taking reservations for January 2023

The 2023 Peacock Bass season kicks off at our centerpiece tributary named Rio Novo. This is the most exclusive Peacock Bass fishery in the world.

Less than 50 anglers get to experience this amazing clear water small river each year.

8 feet of visibility in some places makes this the cleanest water in the jungle. Thousands of Peacock Bass come here each year to feed on the numerous baitfish that call this river home. Sight fishing opportunities for huge Peacock Bass are endless.

For more information click on the link here or send us an email to rob@bucketlistflyfishing.com or call 775.742.1754  


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Our first Eco Tour is in the books and was a huge success..


The Rubber Path cruise is a visit back to a very important time in the Amazon jungle. Rubber trees once grew in abundance in the state of Para and along the Tapajos River drainage helped create the Rubber Boom and the invention of rubber tires. Henry Ford put this area of the world on the map creating two cities to house the workers of the boom. Fordlandia and Beltera still stand today and remanence of a once rich society still remains today. 

Wildlife Viewing

The amount of wildlife in the area is amazing. Three Toed Sloths hang lazily in the treetops, several species of monkey’s frolic through the forest and a plethora of birds including, Macaws, Parrots and Toucans are abundant. 


The Indigenous people to the area including several isolated Indian villages are more than welcoming here as our guests experience ritual fire dances at night and help make Farinha, a cornmeal like substance and a staple food to the region during the day. 


Absolutely Ridiculous is the only way to describe the meals put together by our chefs. Our Partner Saulo Jennings is the most well-known chef in the region and local influenced gourmet food was on display morning, noon and night. 

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For more Information on this exciting one-of -a-kind Eco-Adventure give us a call 775.742.1754 Send us an email rob@bucketlistflyfishing.com or click on the link below to read more…

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Pyramid Lake Outings and Clinics Calendar for 2022-23

For sure our most popular stateside events each year happen at world renown Pyramid Lake, home to the world’s largest Cutthroat Trout. 

Join our experienced guides at the lake for a fun filled, action packed, learning and fishing experience you will not soon forget…

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Schedule of Events

 Shore Outings             Beginner Clinics         Float Tube Outings

    Dec. 3-4                    Nov. 12-13                   Oct. 8-9

 February 12-13                  Feb. 4-5                   June 10-11

   April 15-16                   

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Check out some more stories!



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